Better Broadband Project

This was one of the biggest community broadband projects undertaken in South Wales.

The project involves upgrading the infrastructure in the area and installing fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology to provide superfast broadband (up to 75Mbps) to homes, but to ensure that all properties are at least above the minimum level of basic broadband of 2Mbps.

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The works

The works required to improve broadband:

1. Civil construction work

Involves laying new ducts and a concrete base which is the foundation for the cabinet.


2. Sub-loop unbundling process

BT connect to our infrastructure by connecting some new copper pairs in their cabinet and passing into our duct so we can connect to our cabinet. This is the first part of the sub-loop unbundling process and may include some civil construction work for BT to connect into our civil construction work.


3. Cabinet installation

The cabinet is placed on to the concrete base.


4. Power laid to cabinet

Western Power Distribution may have to lay underground cables to the cabinet location


5. Metre installed into cabinet

Once the metre is installed, the power will work inside the cabinet


6. Fibre installed into cabinet

Includes laying new ducts and fibre into the ground from the closest fibre point.


7. Copper cables are ‘punched down’ in our cabinet

This completes the sub-loop process with BT. From here, we place orders for individual lines to be connected or ‘jumpered’ within the BT cabinet.


8.Install the broadband equipment into cabinet

Once the equipment is in and tested, we can start providing a service.